• Mood Paint - Mood Ring effect paint for color-changing projects!


    Mood Paint is the latest color changing paint from SolarColorDust.com for black surfaces and gives a magical mood ring effect!   
    The material changes multiple colors based on reaction to heat 
    (Black, Brown, Red, Green, Blue & Purple) and has a temperature bandwidth of 84F - 88F.  
    This Mood Paint is made of pre-mixed Liquid Crystal and Clear Protect to give you the ultimate experience.

    Shake bottle well before use.  
    Apply thin coats of paint over a black surface by brush.  
    Let paint dry between each coat.
    We recommend 3 coats on most projects.  
    Do not apply the paint thick or possible cracking may occur.  
    Protect with a hydrophobic protectant to seal the project and prevent moisture or wetness.