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Glass Reservoir - For the Preval Spray System (sold separately)


Glass reservoir jar (and polypropylene safety cap). The 100% glass reservoir is easily cleaned, reusable and recyclable. Preval’s glass reservoir was specially designed to withstand the impact of an 8 ft. drop onto concrete.  The glass reservoir safely stores volatile liquids such as varnishes, oils and paints.


Busy automotive shops cut minutes and hours off time-consuming jobs with the Preval Spray Gun. It's the perfect tool for paint touch ups when you're doing auto body work, because it lets you use the exact paint that's on the car. No more wasting time comparing paint swatches to different spray cans. With Preval, you get perfect color matching every time. And no streaks, either. 

The Preval Spray Gun can spray epoxy and gel coat. It can spray solvents to clean gunk and grime. It's great for car interiors, too, because you can fill it with cleaners that work on leather and plastic. 

With Preval, you can keep multiple containers sealed and ready for your next job. This way, every job from small paint touch-ups to major cleanups will be fast, safe and easy. And because Preval lets you use small amounts, there's no waste.

The Preval Spray system is sold separately.