Based in central Florida, is individually owned and operated.

I have always been fascinated with the way that "smart materials" work.  As a kid I had many toys that gave off effects such as changing colors in sunlight (Photochromic) to glowing in the dark (Photo-luminescent) to changing color by heat (Thermochromic).   I couldn’t get my hands on more and more toys that could give off the same cool effect.   

As an adult, In my own personal hobbies I used photochromic powder on several projects ranging from custom Solar chess sets to custom Glow in the Dark toy figures.  I realized the popularity of this unique pigment and wanted to share with all of the custom creators, collectors & hobbyists who could benefit from its attributes.

I look forward to offering you the best products in the Photochromic, Thermochromic and Glow in the Dark market and will continue to expand my inventory to give you endless options of ideas for creativity.  As well, I will do my best to give you examples of how my products can be used by the videos on our YouTube channel.  

With SolarColorDust your projects will not only stand out of the crowd, it will also be the center of attention for all to see in any hobby you apply it to.

If you have any questions, please send me a message.  I will do my best to return your email within 24 hrs.

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The best to you on your next project!

~Wolf Voigt