Iridescent Chroma Flakes - Orange Green

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SKU:(C2) S9565 S92615


(C2) S9565 S92615

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Orange Green Iridescent Chroma Flakes - Iridescent chroma flakes shifting multi-colored flakes for resin art, nail art, tumblers, and more - SolarColorDust.com
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Product: Iridescent Chroma Flakes

Color: Color Shifting Iridescent - Orange Green

Effect: Iridescent Flakes That Shift Colors at Different Angles of Light

Particle Size: 50-250um

Amount: .5 gram



Chroma Flakes are white based flakes with an iridescent shift. When applied to a dark surface, a vivid color shift is revealed!

Use Chroma Flakes in different Nail Art, Resin Art and other hobby customizations!


Instructions for Use: 

Use at a 2% ratio by volume in clear bases for best effect.

Can also be applied directly to an adhesive and sealed with a clear coat.

Apply to white surface for a light iridescent shift, or apply to a black surface for a vibrant color shift!

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