What are your products & what do they do?

  • Solar Color Dust! - is a UV sensitive or Photochromic pigment (powder) that changes colors when exposed to bright sunlight or when placed under a UV black light.  Its unique color changing properties can be used to make your project stand out!  SCD is great for use in different types of clear plastic resin, epoxy, paint base, lacquer, gels, glues & other applications.  It is the same pigment used in popular "Sun Beads".  Color changing beads are awesome, but why stop there!?!  If you like to create your own crafts, jewelry, paintings, model hobbies, custom toys or even science fair experiments, use SolarColorDust to make it Solar!

  • Thermal Dust! - is a thermochromic powder which reacts to heat.  This heat sensitive pigment changes color at 86F and warmer!  Available in Thermal Dust which changes from Color to Colorless, Ultra Thermal which changes from one color to another color, and Triple Thermal Dust which changes 3 colors! Perfect for clear or neutral model hobby paint, resin, and other mediums!  Also available is Thermal Dust 72F which is "Cold Sensitive" and gains color or changes color at cold temperatures of 72F and cooler!
  • Glow Dust! - is our special glow in the dark powder!  Great for many different uses.  Glows best when charged by sunlight and will appear brightest in complete dark! Glow begins to fade after about 15 minutes.
  • Chameleon Pigments! - is a super concentrated color-shifting pigment!  Chameleons are used in a wide variety of applications, including automotive paint.  For the most vivid color shift effect, this should be applied over a black surface! Available in Chameleon, Ghost Chameleon, Super Chameleon, and Flakes!
  • Fluorescent Pigments! - React and glow under black light!  Perfect for a multitude of applications! 
  • Magic Pearls! - Vivid Pearlescent Mica-based Pigments available in a rainbow of colors!
  • Gem Dust Series! - Available in 4 different particle sizes, these show an iridescent color once applied to a black surface!
  • Scented Oils! - For candles, soaps, slimes, and more!  Available in over 50 different scents.
  • Reflective Powder! - Reflective glass beads used on street signs to refract light!  Best when flocked or sprinkled on top of an adhesive.
  • Metallic/Magnetic Pigments! - Metallic looking pigments which can be manipulated with strong magnets prior to curing in a base!
  • Glitter Hippo® brand Glitters! - Colorful glitters with various specialty properties, such as holographic, cosmetic grade, color shifting, and more!

How much SolarColorDust or Thermal Dust should I use for my project?

We suggest that you work with very small samples on materials that are disposable before committing a large amount of product or working on a valuable object.   Recommended mixing ratio for Solar Color Dust and Thermal is 1 gram for 1 oz of clear base. These must be applied to a white surface in order to see a color change. Increase to achieve desired results with both products.  We are not responsible for any undesired outcomes that may occur from use of our products.

How long does SolarColorDust change color for?

SolarColorDust is a photochromic pigment and changes color in sunlight or in UV Blacklight. The color changing effect time varies with each color.  After taken out of direct sunlight or UV blacklight, it changes back to the original color and can be used over and over again.  Exposure to direct sunlight for a lengthy period of time will damage the pigment with sunburn causing it to lose its color changing ability. 

Can I mix Thermal Dust in clear nail polish?

Yes, you can mix Thermal Dust in clear nail polish to achieve color changing polish!  Be aware that in some polishes the pigment can start to degrade after a week when mixed in the solution. Not all brands of polish will work. Be sure to run testing on the brand you use to determine its shelf life when mixed, prior to selling the polish pre-mixed.

Are our products safe to handle?

While our pigments are non-toxic and no harmful effects are anticipated to the touch, you should always wear protective clothing to prevent direct contact with SCD.  If direct contact should occur, wash the exposed areas with soap and water.   

Will you have any additional SCD colors in the future?

Our variety of colors are constantly expanding! Please, check the website to see what new color options have recently been added. Custom colors are not available at this time.

Why aren’t there other web sites offering this pigment?

"Smart Materials" are rare to come by as manufactures mainly work with major companies to move large quantities of the product.  We cater to the everyday hobbyist who wants to be able to make their projects solar too by making smaller quantities available to the public!

Do you offer free samples?

We do not offer free samples, but Sample Packs are available for purchase through the website! Please, follow us on Social Media to stay up-to-date on any promotions we offer.

How will my order be sent to me?

SolarColorDust.com ships via USPS. Shipping is calculated by weight. US First Class mail typically arrives within 2-5 business days. International Shipping can arrive in 7-20 business days, not including possible delays by Customs, taxes/duties, etc. Please, keep in kind that USPS is currently experiencing unusual delays.

What is the turn around time for my order?

Orders are generally processed in 1-2 business days to be shipped out. Please, see shipping times listed above.

Do you accept returns?

In the unlikely event you have a problem with your order in which we have error’d, contact us within 3 days of receipt and we will correct the issue.  Otherwise we do NOT accept returns. 

How do you accept payment?

At this time we accept PayPal, VISA, MasterCard, Discover or AMEX. 

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we ship world-wide!  International Shipping is based on weight and can arrive in 7-20 business days, not including possible delays by Customs, taxes/duties, etc. Your order may be subject to import duties and taxes which are levied once the parcel reaches your country.  You are responsible for paying additional charges for customs clearance.