Make your own color changing Mood Project!

Make your own real moving Rorschach mask with our Thermal-Dust!

Back to School color changing ideas and Mood Polish!

Into customizing action figures?  

Use our Ultra Thermal-Dust to make your project change colors!

Make designs on a Glow in the Dark fan using our 

Glow-Dust and special UV Laser Pen! 

Work with plastic resin?  

Use our SolarColorDust for a color changing effect in the sun!

Do a little airbrushing on canvases, cars or models?  

Use our Ultra Thermal-Dust for a change!

Want to make something special for your boo?  

How about some color changing carnations?!?

Our Thermal Dust gives off a cool transparent look when warmed up!

Solar Color-Changing Mask!

Thermal Color-Changing Pumpkin!

Solar Color-Changing Gems!

SolarColorDust in sunlight!

Thermal Slime!

Glow in the Dark custom figures!

Use our UV Torch Light and our Glow Dust for the best glow in the dark projects!