Create Your Own Value Bundle! (5 Pack) - 4 & 5 Stage Chameleon Pigments

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Now you can Create Your Own Bundle Pack!

Pick five 10 gram bags of our Chameleon Pigments! (Color Shifting Pigments) at a discounted price!

A total of 50 Grams!

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**Our color description will vary based on actual color.**

**Please review photos of product for an accurate color description**

Chameleon Pigments are a color-shifting pigment which shifts colors in different angles of light!  Chameleon Pigments are great for use in many CLEAR bases, including resin, epoxy, paint base, lacquer, glue, gel, varnish, clear coat and other clear bases.  Apply to a black surface for the most vivid color shift!

Mixing Ratio:  Mix 1 gram of pigment with 1 fl oz of a clear drying base.  You can mix 10 grams to 10 fl oz and dilute up to 20 fl oz of base.

NOTE:  Apply Chameleons by spray or brush in thin layers over a black smooth surface for best results.