• Dark Chrome Series - Black/Red (1 gram)


    The Dark Chrome Series is the newest of specialty pigments from SolarColorDust.com!  

    This unique pigment can be applied by rubbing onto a tacky black base or mixing into clear nail polish for a different look all together.

    The Chrome Dust is used mainly in nail art but can also be used on different art pieces to give a chrome look effect!

    The Chrome Dust comes in 1 gram jars. 

    Recommended mix ratio is 1 gram of dust to 4 fluid ounces of clear medium.

    Apply against a black surface for an amazing color shift!

    Photo 1 shows Black/Red on a black surface with a UV Resin clear coat under soft lighting.

    Photo 2 shows Black/Red rubbed directly to a black surface using the Tack It Method without a clear coat over top. This color shift is under direct lighting.