Power Unit - For the Preval Spray System (sold separately)

$8.00 $4.00

Power Units will attach to the Preval Reservoir (sold seperately) and multiple reservoirs.  The Power Units can also pull liquids from any open container.  Each Power Unit comes with a removable dip tube that attaches to the bottom of a Power Unit.  There is also a strainer attached to the bottom of each dip tube.  After Power Units have been depleted a new one can be attached.  Each Power Unit is pressurized equally, for a consistent and constant level of atomizing pressure which maintains the integrity of each spray - time after time. 

Replacement Power Units for the Preval Spray System have 1.97oz of propellant and will spray up to 16 ounces of almost any liquid

The Preval Spray Gun can be used for a number of jobs around the job, house, as well as for commercial use.

 Busy automotive shops cut minutes and hours off time-consuming jobs with the Preval Spray Gun. It's the perfect tool for paint touch ups when you're doing auto body work, because it lets you use the exact paint that's on the car. No more wasting time comparing paint swatches to different spray cans. With Preval, you get perfect color matching every time. And no streaks, either.

The Preval Spray Gun can spray epoxy and gel coat. It can spray solvents to clean gunk and grime. It's great for car interiors, too, because you can fill it with cleaners that work on leather and plastic.

With Preval, you can keep multiple containers sealed and ready for your next job. This way, every job from small paint touch-ups to major cleanups will be fast, safe and easy. And because Preval lets you use small amounts, there's no waste.

 Save time and money with the Preval Spray Gun. Get it for your shop today.

How to Use the Preval Sprayer:

Add liquid of choice to container jar. If using paint, thin according to manufacturer's directions.

Screw power unit onto Preval container jar. If you only need to spray a small amount, any container will do. Just insert dip tube into liquid and spray

Keep power unit upright when spraying; do not tip more than 45°. For best results, keep power unit in continual motion while spraying. After use, jars can be cleaned in soap and water, or even put in dishwasher.

The Preval Spray system is sold separately.