• Hydrochromic Ink - Reversible Water-Sensitive Ink!


    Hydrochromic Ink
    Reversible Water-Sensitive Ink
    100 grams Net Weight

    This water-sensitive ink appears white when dry - once water is applied, it reveals what is underneath!

    Changes from opaque white to transparent with water.
    For use in screen printing.
    Dry 3-5 minutes at 100ºF
    Keep in a dry place, at room temperature, and out of sunlight.
    Suggested 150-250 Mesh Size.

    Suitable for various knitted, nylon, and other fabrics.
    Thicker application provides better coverage and slower activation.
    Can be lightly thinned with small amount of water if necessary.

    Testing on a small project is recommended before committing to a large project.