• Hyper Holo™ - Pink


    Hyper Holo™
    Intense Holographic Glitter Powder


    5 grams

    COLOR : Pink

    Hyper Holo™ is a high intensity holographic glitter powder that gives a vivid hyperrealistic holographic finish!
    The material can be mixed into clear mediums or applied to an adhesive, as well as onto shiny silicone molds.

    For the smoothest finish with the highest holographic effect, use the Tack-It Method!

    Mix Tack-It Adhesive with water at a 50/50 ratio and mix until smooth.
    Apply to your project surface by brush or airbrush - make sure to cover all surface area thoroughly.
    Let dry completely - either air dry for 30 minutes or speed up the process with a hairdryer.
    You should no longer be able to see the Tack-It, but it will remain tacky.
    Apply Hyper Holo™ with foam applicator or finger tip.
    Do not pour the Hyper Holo™ onto the project, as less is more in this process!
    Brush off any excess powder and rub into the project surface.
    Once you reach your desired finish, seal with preferred clear coat.