• Linear Rainbow Pigment/Paste (20 um)


    This new material is part of our Speciality Pigment line.  This purchase is for one gram of Linear Rainbow Pigment/Paste.

    Linear Rainbow Pigment/Paste is highly concentrated and creates a linear rainbow effect when painted over projects by itself or mixed with clear bases. Mixes with clear bases at .05% - 2% by volume.  Best results can appear against a mirror/chrome or black finish.  Very little of the pigment/paste is required for dilution.  The pigment can be used on any smooth surface and on projects such as automobiles nail art, toys, arts & crafts, packaging, home decor and ect...  

    Testing is strongly encouraged to ensure best results.  Use of a low acidic base is recommended as if your base's dissolving power is to high the surface of the material may dissolve which will lead to the decrease of the laser rainbow effect.

    This definitely a unique edge to make your project stand out!