• Liquid Crystal - Thermochromic Ink (Mood Ring effect)


    Liquid Crystal

    Thermochromic Ink - "Mood Ring" Effect!

    Speciality material changes in the range of the activation temperatures

    6 Color Liquid Crystal changes between 80F - 90F

    Colors resemble shades of: 

    Black, Brown, Red, Green, Blue & Purple

    12 Color Liquid Crystal changes between 60F - 90F

    Colors resemble shades of: 

    Black, Brown, Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, Pink, Yellow, Green Blue & Purple.

    Liquid Crystal is the raw material found in mood rings and LCD screens.  The material changes multiple colors based on reaction to heat.  For best results the ink must be applied over a black background, otherwise you will not see the color change as well. 

    Best for Science Projects and demonstrating thermochromism.  

    Protect with Art Resin or Model Master's clear gloss enamel (both sold separately on this site) to protect from elements which can cause damage to the color change effect.


    • Shake bottle/jar well before use
    • Apply desired amount of coats over a black surface and let dry completely
    • Note: Liquid Crystal is water based and brushing multiple layers can peel up the previous coat.
    • For best effect, spray the Liquid Crystal in light coats, drying completely with a hair dryer in-between each coat.  Recommended spraying 4 coats per project.
    • Seal with clear epoxy resin or enamel to prevent the Liquid Crystal from peeling or scratching off.