Model Masters - Clear Gloss Enamel (.5 oz) For Liquid Crystal Protection


For use to protect Liquid Crystal from elements which may harm the color change effect.

Brush a layer of Liquid crystal over a black surface and let dry completely.

Brush a coat of Model Master's gloss enamel and let dry for protection.

  • Flammable and toxic.  Parental supervision recommended.
  • Excellent for either brush painting or air brushing if thinned.
  • Covers well, flows smoothly with no blushing or fading, and can blended easily.
  • This is the Model Master 1/2oz (14.7ml) Gloss High Gloss Clear Enamel Paint from Testors.

Liquid Crystal is the raw material found in mood rings and LCD screens.  The material changes multiple colors based on reaction to heat.  For best results the ink must be applied over a black background, otherwise you will not see the color change as well. 

Best for Science Projects and demonstrating thermochromism.  

Protect with Model Master's clear gloss enamel (sold separately on this site) to protect from 

elements which will cause damage to the color change effect.

***We currently only have 15ml bottles available***