• Scented Oil - Cinnamon Donuts (10ml)


    Cinnamon Donuts 10ml

    Our Scented Oils are perfect for use in candles, soaps, slimes, and more!

    NEW 10ml bottles provide the perfect amount for crafting purposes at an affordable price.
    Included dropper tips allow you to have full control over the amount that is dispersed.

    Cinnamon + Donut = SMELLS DELISH

    This scent is NOT body safe and is not recommended for bath products.

    Top Notes: coconut, orange, cherry
    Mid Notes: cinnamon, clove
    Base Notes: vanilla extract, yellow cake

    Suggested Usage Amount:

    Vegetable Waxes & Paraffin Wax Maximum Use 10%
    Potpourri & Incense Maximum Use 23%
    Bath Oils, Soaps, Bath Gels NOT BODY SAFE
    Lotions & Perfumes NOT BODY SAFE
    Cleaning Products NOT BODY SAFE