• Thermal Dust! - Grass Green (77F) Faster Activation Temperature!

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    Use Thermal Dust 77F for Faster Activation Temperature!

    Thermal Dust 77F is a thermochromic or "heat sensitive" pigment that looses its's color at 77F and warmer.  You can use Thermal Dust to paint over designs and patterns, once the pigment heats it will reveal what is underneath.

    Thermal Dust is great for use in many mediums, including resin, epoxy, paint base, lacquer, glue, gel, varnish, clear coat and other bases.  

    Mixing Ratio:  Use 1 gram for 1 to 2 fluid ounces of base.  You can mix 10 grams to 10 fl oz and dilute up to 20 fl oz of base.  The more pigment in your base, the stronger the color change will be.

    NOTE:  Thermal Dust is heat sensitive and can change color several times over, however, keeping Thermal Dust in the sun over time will create a "sunburn" on the pigment eventually causing it to cease changing color.