• Solar Pearls!® Sample Pack - Pearlescent UV Pigments (5 Pack)


    Introducing our new Solar Pearl® pigments!

    These mica-based pearl pigments provide bright and vivid colors for your custom projects. Once they are exposed to Sunlight or UV blacklight, they change colors! Mix with a clear or neutral medium at a ratio of 1 gram of pigment to 1 fl oz of your base. Apply to a white surface in order to see the color changing effect!

    This sample pack includes 5 colors of your choice from the following options:

    (Please see photos for true color change reference)

    Blush to Blue

    Pink to Orange

    Blue to Green

    Blue to Purple

    Silver to Magenta

    Silver to Gold

    Gold to Peach

    Pink to Purple

    Orange to Violet

    Gold to Green