Pure Holo - Holographic Powder (15um)

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Pure Holo 15um Holographic Pigment
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Product: Pure Holo - Holographic Powder Pigment

Color: Silver/Holographic

Effect: Holographic Rainbow

Particle Size: 15um

Amount: 1 gram



Pure Holo is our most linear specialty pigment which radiates a spectrum of colors in the light!

For use in silicone molds, nail art, epoxy resin, slime, and more - this ultra fine powder pigment can provide a beautiful linear rainbow effect to your finished product.

Best seen against a black surface, Pure Holo shows a beautiful shimmer of colors!


Instructions for Use:

Pure Holo can be applied by rubbing onto a tacky black surface with a foam applicator for the most concentrated effect.

Pure Holo can be mixed into clear bases at 0.5% - 2% by volume.

You can mix 1 gram of Pure Holo powder pigment with up to 6 fluid ounces of clear base.

For use in shiny silicone molds, simply rub the Prism Holo into the shiny mold, covering all surface area, before pouring in your epoxy resin.

This pigment can be used on projects such as automobiles, nail art, toys, tumblers, slime, arts & crafts and more! 


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