Ultra Thermal Dust® 86ºF - Dark Red to Light Red - Heat Sensitive

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SKU:(C2) Dark Red to Light Red


(C2) Dark Red to Light Red

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Product: Ultra Thermal Dust® - Color Change™ Heat Sensitive Thermochromic Powder Pigment

Color: Dark Red to Light Red

Effect: Changes Color at 86ºF and Warmer

Particle Size: 10um

Amount: 10 grams



Make Your Project Change Colors With Heat!

Ultra Thermal Dust® 86ºF is a powder pigment that changes from Color to Color when warmed to 86ºF and warmer - just like magic! This pigment can be used for nail art, custom tumblers, color changing shoes, slime, and so much more.


Instructions for Use:

Ultra Thermal Dust® should be mixed at a ratio of 1 gram of pigment to 1 fl oz of a clear drying base.

This mixture should be applied to a WHITE surface in order to see a vivid color change!

Can be mixed into clear epoxy resin, neutral paints, Mod Podge, lacquer, varnish, clear nail polish, and more in order to be applied to a white surface.

Angelus Neutral Paint is recommended for applying to shoes and other textiles.

NOTE:  Ultra Thermal Dust® is heat sensitive and can change color several times over, however, keeping Thermal Dust® out in the sun over time will create a "sunburn" on the pigment eventually causing it to cease changing color.


**Conforms to ASTM D-4236**

**Certified Non-Toxic**

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