About Us

Welcome to SolarColorDust.com! 

We are a specialty arts & crafts company providing unique pigments and products for everyday artists, crafters, hobbyists, students, and more!

Our products allow you to create special effects in your projects using our special Color Change™ technology.  

Our Color Change™ SolarColorDust® & Thermal Dust® Products are the highest quality of photochromic & thermochromic pigments in the world.

Our effect pigments have limitless applications, including Color Shift, Glow in the Dark, Holographic and more.


These products are offered in pigment form so they can be used for many different projects, such as:

Resin Art

Custom Tumblers

Nail Art



Custom Shoes

Science Projects

and more!


How to Use This Site:

We know it can be overwhelming when you're new to our company, which is why we have organized our products by Effect Categories.

Simply use the Dropdown Menu under "Shop" to find the effect you are looking for. You can then explore the subcategories to discover the right product for you and your projects!

You can also use the Search option at the top of the homepage to find a specific color, effect, or search by product name.

While we continue to work to provide improved product descriptions, images, and videos, please keep in mind that monitor calibrations and lighting can effect the look of the pigment. Different application methods can also sometimes cause variations in color and effect.

Also remember that there are different shades and hues of colors, and these can be interpreted differently. Because of this, we always recommend comparing the images and videos of these pigments, rather than just going by the name.


For project inspiration, please check out our Social Media channels!

Customer projects are regularly reposted on Facebook and Instagram, and they can provide great clarity for products you might be unsure about.

Our YouTube channel is growing, as we are working to provide product videos, as well as video tutorials to show different application methods!


For easy access to your orders, tracking, wish list, and shipping information, create a customer account at the top of the page!


The History of SolarColorDust.com

SolarColorDust.com was created by Wolf Voigt in Winter Haven, Florida in 2010.

From its humble beginnings of being run out of Wolf's living room, SolarColorDust.com has grown into a thriving business serving customers worldwide!

We are now able to provide not only a growing ecommerce site for our online customers, but also a constantly expanding physical retail storefront located in Lake Wales, FL. SolarColorDust.com is also the parent company to the quickly growing glitter company GlitterHippo.com!


Here at SolarColorDust.com our top priorities are:

Quality, Consistency, and Customer Service

We strive to maintain the highest quality of products and do our best to keep them in stock or restock as quickly as possible.

We are here to assist our customers whenever you need us! While our office hours are Monday through Saturday 12pm-6pm ET, we can be reached anytime at Orders@SolarColorDust.com, and we will get back with you as soon as possible. You can also reach us through Instagram and Facebook!