Chromeleon® Flakes - Gold/Sage

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(F5) 55LP

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Multichrome Flakes - Nail Flakes, Resin Flake, Tumblers, Slime, Polymer Clay, and More!
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Product: Chromeleon® Multichrome Flakes

Color: Gold/Sage

Effect: Shifts Colors at Different Angles of Light

Particle Size:  50-350 um

Amount: .25 gram



Chromeleon™ Multichrome Flakes are an ultra-light material with highly concentrated colors that shift in different angles of light! 

This product can be used for nail art, resin art, custom tumblers, color shifting shoes, slime, and so much more.

Buff onto your surface for a smooth color shifting effect, or sprinkle or dab on for a more dappled look! Lightly mix into a clear medium for a pretty shimmer of colors.


Instructions for Use:

Chromeleon™ Multichrome Flakes can be mixed at a ratio of .5% - 2% by volume to a clear drying base.

For the most vibrant effect, these flakes can also be rubbed directly onto a tacky black surface and sealed with a clear coat!

This product can be applied to a BLACK surface in order to really make those colors POP!

Super Chameleon Flakes can be mixed into clear epoxy resin, neutral paints, Mod Podge, lacquer, varnish, clear nail polish, and more in order to be applied to a black surface.

Angelus Neutral Paint is recommended for applying to shoes and other textiles.