ChromeX - Ambroglious

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(G1) 2173HL

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Ambroglious ChromeX Chrome Dust Color Shift Mirror Pigment
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Product: ChromeX Chrome Pigment

Color: Ambroglious - wine, gold

Effect: Mirror Color Shift

Particle Size: 10um

Amount: 1 gram



Vivid Mirror Chrome Shift at a Fraction of the Price!

ChromeX Pigments are an ultra fine powder pigment that provides a mirror-like effect with vibrant color shift when applied to a black surface!

Great for Nail Art, Custom Tennis Shoes, Resin Art, Sculptures, Paintings, Custom Tumblers, and MORE, ChromeX pigments can give your project the unique effect you're looking for.


Instructions for Use:

For best results, rub directly onto tacky black surface. Brush off excess pigment and buff to shine. Seal with water-based clear coat.

For alternative application, mix at a ratio of 1 gram pigment with up to 6 fl oz of a clear base to apply to black surface. Adjust mix ratio to personal preference for higher concentrated coverage.