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Product: Gem Dust™ 

Color: Iridescent Blue, Green, Golden, Purple, Red, White

Effect: Shimmers White, Shows Iridescent Color When Applied to Black Surface

Particle Size: 10-60um, 20-100um, 50-200um, 100-500um

Amount: 6 samples, 1 gram each



Gem Dust is an air-light white pigment with a beautiful shimmer - Apply to a black surface to reveal iridescent color!
Now, you can choose a Sample Pack in the size of your choice to try all 6 colors! Each Sample Pack contains a 1 gram sample of each color - Blue, Golden, Green, Purple, Red, and White - for a total of 6 grams of pigment.
Moonstone Dust is the finest particle size in the Gem Dust Series 10-60um
Diamond Dust is a fine particle size 20-100um
Opal Dust is a slightly larger size of 50-200um
Crystal Dust is the largest particle size of the Gem Dust Series 100-500um
Simply choose the Gem Dust type from the dropdown menu to try it in all six colorways - Blue, Golden, Green, Purple, Red, and White!
Gem Dust can be used in resin, silicone molds, nail art, and more!
These shimmering iridescent pigments are also known as Interference Pigments.
They can create the perfect Northern Lights or Galaxy effect when lightly applied to your project!


Instructions for Use:

Mix 1 gram of pigment to 1 fl oz of clear base.

Can also be applied directly to an adhesive surface.

Apply to a black surface to reveal its iridescent color!

Can be used for all sorts of projects and mixed into any clear drying medium.