Hyper Holo® Flakes - Pink

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Hyper Holo® Flakes - Pink
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Product: Hyper Holo™ Flakes

Color: Pink

Effect: Holographic Rainbow

Particle Size: 50-500um

Amount: 1 gram



Hyper Holo™ Flakes are a high intensity Holographic Glitter Flake that gives a vivid hyperrealistic holographic finish!
The material can be mixed into clear mediums or applied to an adhesive, as well as onto shiny silicone molds.
Instructions for Use:
Hyper Holo™ Flakes can be mixed into a clear medium at varying mix ratios to achieve your desired effect. 
Applying to a black background will help the color and holographic effect POP for an even higher intensity!
For use in shiny silicone molds, simply rub the Hyper Holo™ Flakes into the mold, covering all surface area, before pouring in your resin.
For the Smoothest Finish with the Highest Holographic Effect, use the Tack-It Method:
Mix Tack-It Adhesive with water at a 50/50 ratio and mix until smooth.
Apply to your project surface by brush or airbrush - make sure to cover all surface area thoroughly.
LET DRY COMPLETELY - either air dry for 30 minutes or speed up the process with a haridryer.
You should no longer be able to see the Tack-It, but it will remain tacky.
Apply Hyper Holo™ Flakes with Foam Applicator or fingertip and rub smooth.
Once you reach your desired finish, seal with preferred clear coat.