Solar Drops® - White to Color "Rainbow" 5 Pack

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SolarColorDust.com Solar Drops™ Photochromic Liquid Additive Sunlight Color Changing Slurry White to Color
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Product: Solar Drops® - White to Color "Rainbow" 5 Pack

Colors Included: Magenta, Orange, Yellow, Blue, and Purple

Effect: Changes color in sunlight and UV light

Particle Size: N/A, Liquid Additive

Amount: 5 10ml bottles



Make Your Project Change Colors With Sunlight!

Solar Drops® are photochromic slurry that change color when exposed to sunlight and UV light.

These drops can be used for nail art, custom tumblers, color changing shoes, slime, and so much more.


Instructions for Use:

These drops are more highly concentrated than our traditional Solar Drops® and only require 1-5 drops to 1 fl oz of clear medium!

Solar Drops® are a liquid additive that must be mixed into a clear medium in order to apply to your project. 

Suggested mediums are Epoxy Resin, Neutral Shoe Paint, Gels, Glue, Lacquer and more!

Must be applied to a white surface in order to see a vibrant color change.

Note: Not for Polyurethane Resin.  Will not work in Pro Marine Resin.

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