Tack-It Over and Over Adhesive

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Tack-It Over & Over Adhesive
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Product: Aleene's Tack-It Over & Over 

Color: Dries Clear

Effect: Repositionable Adhesive

Particle Size: N/A - glue consistency

Amount: 4 fl oz

Dries Clear & Flexible
Use the Tack-It Method for a beautiful effect with many of our products!
Works well with Hyper Holo™, our various flakes, Chameleons, holographic pigments, and more!
Not recommended for Solar Color Dust®, Thermal Dust®, Glow Dust®, or Fluorescent Pigments.
Instructions for Use:
Mix Tack-It and water 50/50
Apply a thin layer over your project.
Let Dry Completely (Use a hair dryer to speed up the drying process.)
You should no longer be able to see the Tack-It, but it will still feel tacky.
Lightly apply pigment/glitter/flake
Brush off excess product, and rub in for a smooth finish!
Can apply a second coat and repeat the process for fuller coverage.

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