Glow Dust - Invisible Aqua (Large Particle)

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SKU:(B5) 580 Large Particle


(B5) 580 Large Particle

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Product: Glow Dust

Color: Invisible Aqua (White to Aqua) 

Effect: Glows in the Dark and under UV Blacklight

Particle Size: 40 mesh

Amount: 50 grams



Make It Glow.™

Create your own Glow in the Dark project with Glow Dust!

Large Particle Glow Dust is great for projects requiring larger glow granules!

Glow Dust can be charged by various forms of light - although natural direct sunlight works best. It glows best in complete dark!

Brightness is most intense in the first 10 minutes and gradually fades over a period of hours.


Instructions for Use:

Glow Dust is great for use in many mediums, including resin, epoxy, paint base, lacquer, glue, gel, varnish, clear coat and other bases.  

Recommended Mix Ratio is 5 grams of Glow Dust to 1 fl oz of a clear medium.

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