Glow Dust™ - Invisible Green (Large Particle) (Glow in the Dark™ Powder)

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SKU:(B5) HLD-525 Large Particle


(B5) HLD-525 Large Particle

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Product: Glow Dust™

Color: Invisible Green (Light Yellow to Green) 

Effect: Phosphorescent in the Dark and under UV Blacklight

Particle Size: 40 mesh

Amount: 50 grams



Make It Glow.™

Create your own Glow in the Dark™ project with Glow Dust™!

Large Particle Glow Dust™ is great for projects requiring larger glow granules!

Glow Dust™ can be charged by various forms of light - although natural direct sunlight works best. It glows best in complete dark!

Brightness is most intense in the first 10 minutes and gradually fades over a period of hours.


Instructions for Use:

Glow Dust™ is great for use in many mediums, including resin, epoxy, paint base, lacquer, glue, gel, varnish, clear coat and other bases.  

Recommended Mix Ratio is 5 grams of Glow Dust™ to 1 fl oz of a clear medium.

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