KaleidoShift® - Kismet

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SKU:(G4) 2512HLPrism


(G4) 2512HLPrism

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Kaleidoshift ®Color Shifting Holographic Chrome Powder Pigment for Resin, Nail Powder, Tumblers, Custom Shoe Paint, and More
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Product: KaleidoShift® - Holochromic® Pigment 

Color: Kismet - Rose, Gold, Green, Holographic 

Effect: Color Shift Chrome with Holographic Effect

Particle Size: 10um

Amount: 1 gram



Color Shift Chrome Powder with Vivid Holographic Effect!

KaleidoShift® Holochromic® Pigments are an ultra fine powder pigment that provides a vibrant chrome color shift with a vivid holographic effect when applied to a black surface!

Great for Nail Art, Custom Shoes, Resin Art, Sculptures, Paintings, Custom Tumblers, Slime, Polymer Clay, and MORE, KaleidoShift® pigments can give your project the unique effect you're looking for.

View the Video to See the Holographic Effect!

Instructions for Use:

For best results, rub directly onto tacky black surface. Brush off excess pigment and buff to shine. Seal with water-based clear coat.

For alternative application, mix at a ratio of 1 gram pigment with up to 6 fl oz of a clear base to apply to black surface. Adjust mix ratio to personal preference for higher concentrated coverage.